Individual solutions
Development & tool making

Project solutions and custom designs
INTECH's areas of expertise include developing and designing custom-tailored project solutions and custom designs, created by our development department, and implemented alongside our tool making.

We offer a comprehensive range of reusable transport packaging for many different applications. However, some customers have highly specialized transportation and storage needs – this is where our development and tool making experts come into play.

As an experienced producer of reusable transportation packaging, we are very familiar with the different industries and applications, and we know what is most important in developing and designing containers and pallets. All custom products and project solutions are created in our in-house development department. This helps to keep the communication channels short, ensuring project work is always efficient and goal oriented.

The first step
We work with our customers to outline their precise profile of requirements for the transportation packaging in a personal meeting. All product requirements are listed in a technical specification.

Development and construction
Based on the technical specification, our product designers create the first construction drawings. Detailed 3D representations provide the customer with an exact impression of the product throughout every step of development for their transportation packaging.

From model to tool
INTECH prototyping is able to rapidly produce a first 3D printed sample. In this process, a plastic model is created layer by layer, which the customer can approve.

For the serial production in the injection moulding process a new mould getting built, based on the technical drawings, and optimised using mould flow analysis.

Quality test and delivery
After the first serial production, the new transport packaging undergoes precise quality tests in the laboratory at TÜV Hanover. After it has passed all tests and been approved by the customer, the new transport packaging will be delivered.

Our aim is to develop a perfect custom-tailored solution together with our clients.

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